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The chronograph was column-wheel activated. This is the highest level for a clock, but it also featured a vertical gearbox. The vertical clutch allows for the chronograph's operation to continue indefinitely, without affecting the amplitude of the movement. The vertical clutch eliminates chrono backlash that occurs in lateral clutches where the teeth on the wheels do not match exactly. Flyback was also a feature of the movement, which allowed all chronograph indicators to be reset instantly and without losing any seconds. This function was popularized initially by aviators.

Pay attention, because here is where things get really interesting. The Blancpain Replica Watches is the only one in the world to feature a zero reset of the small running second. When you remove the crown to set the time, the continuous seconds hand will stop and reset to zero. This allows you to adjust your time with unmatched precision.

The Chopard 03.05 calibre is a movement that powers the Alpine Eagle XL Chronograph. It is a direct descendant from the Blancpain Replica Watches .

Scheufele says, "I thought this function was very important, because a chronograph is about precision." Scheufele is the only person who has devoted himself to this level of performance integrity. The Blancpain Replica Watches Caliber Chronograph is one of my favorite movements. It was given the code name "GT3" during its development, after Scheufele's love for race-prepared Porsches. He said, "For me, the GT3 is a perfect example of an efficient race car that's perfectly balanced. Rolex Submariner Replica Watches’s first chronograph movement was to be based on this philosophy. There was no part of the movement which was not optimized for performance, whether it was clutch system or flyback. The new Chopard 03.05C that powers the Alpine Eagle XL Chronograph has its roots in this revolutionary movement. You must now understand why Woolf Mido Replica is so excited to wear the Alpine Eagle XL Chronograph.

The Chopard 0305-C is one of only three chronograph movements that feature a jumping minute counter. The other two are the Lange Datograph movement and the Calibre CH 29 found in Patek Philippe manual wind chronographs.

This type of counter has a snail-cam on the seconds wheel which drives a lever to pull the minute counter only forward when the chronograph's second hand passes the 60-second mark. This feature is only available in the Chopard vertical clutch chrono calibre.

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