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Arbona's team has not only researched the best way to craft something so tiny from sapphire but also identified and eliminated possible failure points, ensuring that the micro-sculpture won't be affected by any accidental trauma on the watch.

Arbona continues, "We actually start with a sapphire-block created using the Kyropoulos method. It goes without saying, of course, that the dragon's body is made from a single, solid piece. "The rest of our information about the production process, however, is proprietary."

The dragon is then polished using a new hand-polishing method, which enhances the transparency of sapphire. This polishing technique was developed by Olivier Vaucher’s workshop and is the result the expertise of this famous engraver. As you may know, sapphire, which is only one level below diamond in the hardness scale on the scale of hardness, cannot be polished using traditional methods.

"Olivier Vaucher and his team have developed an unique technique which is now part their little secrets!" This technique is done by hand because at this level of watchmaking, there are no machines that can perform such coordination. It relies entirely on the artist's hands and eyes.

You may wonder, with all this effort: Why wasn't the dragon made entirely of sapphire? And why are its head and other details in gold instead? Arbona says, "We could have made a dragon entirely out of sapphire but for artistic reasons, that would have taken away from the contrast and intensity of the dragon’s expression. Gold and sapphire make the dragon's visual impact three-dimensional. This is why some of its scales are coated with gold.

The dragon was not made entirely in sapphire for artistic reasons.Patek Philippe Replica Watches What about the case? Would there be a RM 5703 Tourbillon Sapphire Dragon with a sapphire case? The Carbon TPT(r), which we can see in these pictures, will be produced in limited quantities of 55 pieces. There will also be 5 additional pieces in sapphire case.

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