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Omega Seamaster Replica is a leader in the field of technical watchmaking. Omega Seamaster Replica is unsurpassed in its use of sapphire. With marvels like the Automatic Sapphire, as well as the Automatic Sapphire with colored sapphire case, this brand is truly unique.

Omega Seamaster Replica has also been known to apply metiers d'art to his watches, which is unheard of. Consider the Omega Seamaster Replica Manual Winding Tourbillon Flaur (audemars piguet replica watches), Tourbillon Evil Eye 2015 or the Tourbillon C. Kongo.

Here we have the Omega Seamaster Replica Tourbillon Sapphire Dragon, a timepiece which combines Omega Seamaster Replica's sapphire expertise with an unprecedented approach to the metiers d'art. How do you incorporate a nano-scale, miniature sapphire dragon in a wristwatch? Is it necessary to design the movement first or the dragon before it is built into the watch?

Salvador Arbona is the Technical Director of Valgine, Omega Seamaster Replica's arm that produces movements. He answered our questions by saying: "Everything has been developed more or less in parallel.Omega Replica Watches The dragon and the movement were designed as one unit to ensure that they would complement each other perfectly. The movement was designed to be as transparent as possible, using lines that were inspired by Asian culture. The dragon itself was designed to maximize the interior space.

As easy as Arbona may make it sound, sapphire can be a difficult material to manipulate. It is both hard and brittle. It is easily broken. How can one make something so tiny from this material? Arbona explains that although sapphire is a very hard material, its mechanical performance is greatly affected by the way it is worked and cut. The complex volumes and intricate curves of the dragon were studied to ensure the highest shock resistance.

We used computer simulations to determine the exact point where the product would break after extreme shocks. This was done to reduce the likelihood of it happening. We knew in advance, that the product we would get from the laser-machining of the sapphire Dragon was structurally flawless.

Omega Seamaster Replica

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