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The Rallye des Princesses was a great event for me because I am not a very good navigator, despite the fact that I enjoy driving and watches. I also have a bad sense of direction. We took on the challenge and were swept up in it like no other team. We were dressed in blue and left the Place Vendome at dawn on a bright Sunday morning. 90 vintage cars attempted the first stage, covering 375 kms with an average speed of 40km/h.

It was an amazing experience to drive across France. It was a magical experience to drive across France. We were able to enjoy the scenery by driving at a slow speed. We saw a rabbit running through wheat fields, butterflies that had long since disappeared from the city and horses and cows grazing peacefully.

Elodie my co-pilot, and collaborator on our website The Eye of Jewelry screamed so loudly "Bambiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii!" that I thought the engine was on fire.Omega De Ville Replica Watches The deer was actually entering the forest that we were headed into. The local honey was advertised as "home-made" and "delicious", and we were tempted to buy some. But a glance at our watches – an RM07-01 in titanium with carbon TPT, and an RM07-01 in redgold with diamonds – told us that we would be late.

Elodie told me: "You only have 11 minutes to drive 4.37 kilometers to get to the next marker in the exact second." After shrugging off my shoulders, I asked "Soatwhatspeed should I drive?". We looked at each other as we dug into our collective memory banks to remember the maths rules that we learned in school and tried to apply them to the pressing problem. Elodie, admitting her failure, laughed and said: "Just drive." "We'll figure it all out along the way." We did. Our car was 37th at the halfway point of the rally. We congratulated ourselves and decided that was not bad at all for our first time.

What was the highlight of your rally? The highlight of the rally? Perhaps it was the daily photoshoot we did with Jules Langeard, who encouraged us to quickly change between classic cars to catch the last rays of sunlight.chopard replica watches Or could it be the McDrive we visited after wisely deciding not to leave our car in the parking lot andboth enter McDonalds wearing several-hundreds-of-thousands of pounds of RichardMilletimepieces on our wrists - a risk wewere almostwillingto take for the sake of two McFlurries topped with Oreos and M&Ms? The whole experience is what I remember most. I'm curious to know if Wei Koh beat me in the rally. You can decide for yourself after reading about Omega De Ville Replica Watches's adventure.

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