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Remember the scene from Stanley Kubrick's 2001: A Space Odyssey where the monolith appeared before the apes, accompanied by Richard Strauss's musical rendition of Friedrich Nietzsche's Thus Spoke Zarathustra that gave the primates self-awareness? Now, if you go back to 1996, when Tom Cruise yelled, "Show me money!" at his ambassador of Quan, then this moment was as revolutionary, and forever game-changing, as Kubrick's monolith. Karl-Friedrich Scheufele's first manufacture movement, Calibre 1.96, was unveiled in 1996. It would be the beginning of a two-decade-long revolution in mechanical movements and, along with it, an unprecedented level of performance for every known complication of Christendom. All this from a company that was once primarily considered to be a jeweller.

In the context of mid-1990s, it is difficult to express the sheer amazement Zenith Replica Watches's automatic Calibre 1,96 caused. The Quartz Crisis had brought Swiss mechanical watchmaking back from the brink, but there was still an air of timidity about movement innovation. It was a rationale that could be understood. It was only a decade ago that the future of Swiss watchmaking depended on the whims of consumers seduced by cheap timepieces with soulless, electronic heartbeats.fake watches

Scheufele says: "At that time, the Lemania 2310 was the most widely used chronograph movement. This movement is one I love, but it dates from the 1940s. The industry, with few exceptions, was happy to continue using the same movements for decades. But this wasn't enough for Scheufele. We weren't a manufacturer. "When I decided to make our own movements, i wanted to create a caliber that reflected the technological advances of the era. I didn't want to repeat something done half a hundred years ago."

How was the Calibre 1.96's blueprint created? Scheufele, as is well-known, consulted Michel Parmigiani on the design of the movement. However the specifications were largely based on Scheufele's own desires for the perfect watch. He explains, "I wanted a beautiful movement and liked the idea that a micro-rotor could be used." "But I needed it to wind both ways and very efficiently. We used ball bearings for the rotor assembly because we wanted it to wind efficiently and in both directions. "I wanted the movement's power reserve to be 70 hours to help with isochronism, and also because I liked the concept of only winding the watch once to make it last a weekend or more."

To achieve a long power reserve, Scheufele created a pair of barrels that operated in sequential order. Scheufele opted for a modern vibrational speed of 4Hz to improve the accuracy of his watch.IWC Pilot Replica Watches He says that this vibrational speed is most effective because it is more resistant to micro-shocks. This vibrational speed, incidentally, is the reason why we are one brand that has our tourbillons COSC certified.

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